Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Who Are We?

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen are a group of Newcastle, Australia, based wargamers who have been meeting for several years in garages, carports and anywhere else a table can be set up and small figures moved. 

These stout fellows play their war games while cold beers and rum are quaffed in safety from wives, children and other interruptions throughout the year facing cold, rain and varied Australian blood sucking insects. 

This eclectic group of chaps play anything from Ancients to modern, skirmish to grand battles, planes, ships and of course the humble individual warrior to Army level actions. 

Robust and often politically incorrect humour is enjoyed by the group and discussion on any topic encouraged, so if you’re the type to ever need a “safe space” best avoid this lot. 

The most important thing for the lads is the history and realism best achieved on a table without the painful annoyance of the rule monger, distance pest or the competition list builder and they seem to always remember that no one is actually going to die and it is after all only a game. 

So if its wall to wall Tiger Tanks or Roman Legionaries’ armed with UZI’s your seeking, just keep moving along. If you want a lot of line infantry in all periods average cavalry and some pretty occasional tanks wielded using tactics rather than bias then this mob is for you. 

This blog will capture and report on the more memorable games with a less than objective review of the fight depending on who is writing the after action report, though with tongue firmly in cheek. 

So stand by for reporting on the games and the rules they use as they continue the wargamers single most important quest – the perfect set of rules.

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Facebook Groups
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